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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finally my much anticipated movie arrives in theaters

Finally, Julie and Julia, the movie has arrived in theaters. I have been chomping at the bit to see this movie ever since I heard it was coming out. Opening yesterday, Curt and I went to the 7:10pm show. We were literally the youngest people in the theater, of only about 25 people. Poor turn out for opening night. Not sure why such a poor turn out, or why we were the youngest in their.
Despite an old man going to complain, as soon as the previews started, that it was too loud in their, thus the sound got turned down, and an old lady on the other side of me who pretty much talked the whole time to her daughter next to her, usually asking "what did they just say". Despite these things that would normally totally anoy me during a movie, I was calm and relaxed and enjoyed myself very much. I loved the movie, but hated the ending. I laughed outloud several times, and could relate most of the time. Not sure if I could relate so well that I wish I had something to blog about more, or the fact that I just love to cook. Would I go as for as Julie did in the movie, no way I am way to busy to go that far, but I sure admire her for it.

Today is pure water days in Chippewa Falls, I love this town. I went to the farmers market/Craft show on the court house lawn this morning, rain drops falling and all. Watched some of the kids playing across the street (made me miss when my son was younger and I would take him their to play). Got some goodies and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Yep bought myself flowers!!!!! Our wonderful parade is at 1:00pm, I am kicking myself because I wanted to have my business Bulldog's Service do a float but I forgot to register on time, urg. Oh well their is always next year.
As for today relaxation time is over, back to work. Well the fun sort of work that is. Today I am finishing up my swaps, for close to my heart, I have to make 2 sets of 15 wowie birthday cards, and 8 12x12 2 page scrapbook page layouts of Dogs.
I am very thankful for the rain, as we need it so badly, but more so because the races got cancelled for tonight, so I have the night off for myself to relax and craft. Only of course after Curt and I go out to eat at one of our favorite places, Birchpoint, yummy all you can eat prime rib and crab legs. Guess tomarrow will be another "fat pants" day!!!!
Happy crafting everyone!!

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