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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Relaxation/card making/favorite store

Ever feel like you don't get enough time to relax and do those fun things you enjoy.... Well this is the story of my life! There are some weeks, well sometimes months, that you just don't make time for yourself. There is always something more important to do than sit down and relax or craft. Do you tell yourself STOP, take time for me? I don't as often as I should, now I have to make appointments for myself to take me time. For me, my me time is crafting. By making an appointment for me to take time to craft, I make myself take time for me. And it works. So last night was my me time appointment, and better yet it was at one of my favorite stores.
Last night I went to make cards at Down Memory Lane in EC (www.downmemoryln.com), I just love this store it is one of my favorite places. Not only do they sell an awesome selection of crafting supplies, they have ideas all over the store, their staff is first rate, and the owner Joann is amazing (and a talented crafter). I always feel like a friend when I walk in, some know me by first name, I am welcomed as I walk through the door as is every other customer that walks in. You feel at home, they are always available for questions. Well they also teach classes there at a very reasonable rate. I enjoy taking classes there, I usually take at least one per month. It was a great time of crafting, learning and most importantly relaxing. I enjoy talking with the owner, actually I probably talk her ear off; but thats whats fun, when we both share the same passions. Even though I am a crafter and teach classes to others, I enjoy being taught as well. I love learning new ideas or new techniques. Plus they have different products than what I sell, and trust me I buy lots of them. I am sooooo addicted.LOL
Do you have a favorite place that you just love to go? I know a lot of people like to go to the big craft stores, yes me too they usually have everything under one roof, but do you really feel special going there? Not me! Yes so they have big sales or cheap prices, but they often really lack the customer service (it could take you forever to find someone to help you, trust me it happens all the time to me). I am a huge fan of supporting the little guy, they structure their business on outstanding customer service. I truely believe in this, as I am a business owner myself, I expect customer service when I am out shopping (I mean really you are choosing to spend your money there, you could spend it anywhere you want, they should be as helpful as possible and nice); So I make sure it is given to the best of my ability to my customers and clients. So for me whether your my nursing client, my customer at Bulldog's Service, my CTMH client/customer, or a student in one of my classes you will always get my best effort to serve you. This is how I feel when I go to Down Memory lane, I know I am appreciated and so are you if you shop there. If you have never been their I encourage you to stop by there, you wont be disappointed. And if you get a chance attend one of their classes or visit them on the web at www.downmemoryln.com.
Of course I will be using some of the products that I purchase at Down Memory Lane in my upcoming Voyagers community education Card Making class coming up on Feb. 9th 2010. Be sure to sign up for this class, you won't want to miss it. (comment or email me and I can help you get registered)
I will try to get some pics posted of the cards I made last night......
Until next time....Happy Crafting and don't forget to make time for yourself!

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