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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weight loss

Well I joined the biggest loser at work with some of my co-workers. Last Wed. was the initial weigh in. I have never done anything like this before, but with friends doing it also I wanted to give it a try and I needed to lose weight anyway. So I signed up. Well today was my first weigh in, GUESS WHAT I lost 4 pounds, YIPPEE. I am very proud to have lost that 4 pounds, I know its not much, but I feel better. I have not been exercising as much as I should because my back is killing me lately. But I have been really trying to eat more healthy. I love food and I love to cook, I am not willing to give either of these up. I have made it a point to eat breakfest every morning, just a light yogurt. I have been drinking a diet green tea with a 1/2 ounce of pure Acai juice mixed in it everymorning. And I have been taking my Melaluca vitamins. I have increased my fish consumption for my Omega 3's to help my heart. I even pigged out on Saturday at Famous Dave's (I shouldn't have but it was soooo good). I only worked out on my eliptical machine for 5 min. one night this week. I don't count calories or right down what I eat, I just try to make a little healthier choice. And so far it has worked. I will keep you posted, until then everything in moderation! Happy Healthy Eating!

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