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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weight loss/Biggest loser update

Well its official, for this past week (week #1) of my being on the biggest loser team with my co-workers, I won!! I had the biggest percentage of weight loss -1.65%! WooHoo. Well its a big accomplishment for me, there are only 9 of us on our team (myself and a few Teachers and a few Paraprofessionals) We are a great group on a mission, loose a few pounds. I am actually enjoying this very much. Like I said yesterday I am not making any drastic changes, I love food way too much to do that. And my back has been really hurting lately so I am not really exercising much, although I am trying to walk more when I have a few extra minutes. But I am trying to make more of a conscious choice when I eat, trying to eat a little more healthy. Speaking of which have you ever tried those whole grain sandwich thins, wow they are really good. Curt and Randy think I am nuts for some of the things I eat, but I eat what I enjoy. Since it was too big to cook a full course meal last night, by the time we all got home it was also too late. So we all had our own thing for supper. Well mine was a toasted sandwich thin (only 100calories) drizzled with a little EVOO, then I added 1/2 a avocado and then topped it with Brisling sardines and a little pinch of kosher salt, don't say yuk! it is actually good, and more importantly good for your body (especially your heart). Alton Brown gave me this recipe on one of his good eats episodes on weight loss. Omega 3's that come from fish are very good for your heart as well as avocados. If you like fish give this a try. Well until next time happy healthy eating!

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