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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Biggest Loser Update

WOW! Trying to loose a few pounds is tough work! I mean honestly no wonder a fair percentage of the US is overweight (including me). I mean to work all day, then have to either work out or think of what to eat or not eat. For me stress is a killer, why can't my body be one of those that those that looses weight over stress, no chance I gain weight with stress.
I am sad to report that last week I gained 1 pound, but this week I lost a pound. So Yippee I am right back where I started! That was not exactly my goal. I can tell you that I feel like crap because I have not been diligent about taking my vitamins, therefore leaving me completely exhausted. I am completely stressed out by life. I have no ambitious to even think of exercising. But I can definatly tell you I am not going to shed any pounds if I don't exercise as well as watch what I eat. I was really hoping that I would be able to get by without exercise, but no such luck BUMMER! With live I have learned that I have to adapt, well sometimes I hope to adapt and that is not reality. With my schedule/life right now I am eating a lot of late meals, not healthy but just plain reality. I know it is not good for my weight loss and not really a healthy choice, but neither is just not eating. So I guess I have to find a way to just bite the bullet and exercise, YUK. Can you tell that exercising is not on my top ten favorites list...LOL Mostly because I am sooooo exhausted at night, and I am so out of shape that then I hurt afterwards. But I can guarentee you that I am better off exercising at night before I go to bed (at least I can take some Ibuprofen and sleep off the pain), because there is NO WAY that I am getting up early to exercise, I am so not a morning person! (trust me I have overslept every morning this week). OK so my goal this week is to try and remember to take my vitamins everyday, so I don't feel so lousy, and to try and exercise at least 3 times this week (even if for just 5 min each). Hey I gotta start somewhere, right? So until next week, happy trying to exercise.....

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