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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exercise YUK!

Hello all, well I am alive today but barely! I managed to work out for a whole 10 minutes last night on my eliptical machine. I watched TV while on it so that helped. But I gotta tell you I damn near died!! My legs were killing me, I was trying to do 20 minutes, but no such luck. I feel like a pile today, mostly because I have a headache and I didn't go to bed until late and you know I hate getting up in the morning anyways. So blah! So here is my dilema, I managed to exercise for 10 minutes, but then I was starving and I ate a BP and J sandwhich (yummy, on fresh bread!), I am thinking that this totally defeated the purpose of my exercise to start with! Well maybe if I would have ate a good supper I would not have been starving....
So Randy started back in Karate last night....Boy did he get a butt kicking from the instructor. Not his fault, a couple of the girls in the class were fooling around, so the instructed made them do push ups 30! and they had to do side kicks for 60 seconds straight on each leg! I had seriously reconsidered joining myself, boy am I glad I did not pick last night to start!!! Actually I told myself that I am not going to rejoin until I can do 75 or more jumping jacks without dying and looking like big bafoon! (ya, part of the warmups is to do jumping jacks, minimum of 75 to max of 100) Jumping jacks are tough work, so guess what.... Yep my goal for tonight is to do some jumping jacks. If I make it thru the jumping jacks I will update you with the results.... Till then wish me luck....
P.S. Honestly I have been slacking, I will post some artwork this weekend!

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