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Thursday, February 11, 2010

YeeHaa! Finally some Weight Loss

I am very happy to report that yesterday, when I weighed in for my biggest loser group, I lost 3 pounds!!!! Yippee. I was also deemed as the biggest loser with a -1.24% weight loss. I have really been struggling with this weight loss, things so even though its only 3 pounds it was just the inspiration that I needed to keep plugging along.
So do you watch biggest loser on TV? Well I do, or at least I DVR it until I have time to watch it. Well I couldn't sleep last night so I laid in bed and watched it from this tuesday. I could never be on that show, Jillian would have me in tears or they would both kill me. However I wish I could lose weight like they do on that show. But any how I gotta tell you I am soooooo happy that Melissa finally got kicked off the show. I can't stand her, there is always a couple on each season that drive me nuts, and trust me she is one of them. Thank goddness she got the BOOT! C-YA. Oh if she wins the finale part I will be pissed. I wish she would have left prior and some of the others would have been allowed to stay. Too bad John had to go, he needed to be there.
Oh well, enough on the weight loss/biggest loser. Till next weeks weigh in I will continue to plug along.
Have a great week....

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